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It's about the eCPM. The only thing you need to do is increasing your eCPM...
Which isn't easy.
Here are some tips increasing your eCPM and thereby your revenue. So let's get started:


One of the most efficient tricks is filtering your ads. Go your app's tools > App Filters > Category / Type Settings.
Everything should look like this:

3.More Filtering:

Go your app's tools > App Filters > Url Filters. Type and click "add Filter".

3.Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate can be changed under your app's tools > App Settings > Automatic Refresh > Refresh Rate.
At least set it to 60 seconds, otherwise you won't get quality ads (also means less clicks) and your eCPM will go down to $0.10. Which would be a shame. (You would need 10,000 impressions or more to get 1 Dollar

4.What Else Can I Do?:

Another thing you can do, if your displaying ads on multiple screens of the app, is to use fragments so that your not creating a new ad banner for each screen. If you can use the same banner for every screen it will help. Because often time people switching between screens will switch to the next screen before the banner has loaded or they've had a chance to even look at the ad.

5.Get More Requests:

-Post your app in forums like XDADevelopers, Androidpit,...
-Make a Youtube video with a link in the description -Share it on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.
-Show it to your friends :D
-Publish it on as many appstores as you can (for example Androidpit, AppsLib, ...), but avoid unknown, new appstores for the time being
-Another way is to distribute your app on as many channels as possible besides google play, and as far as I know there are quite a few other android app stores like:

6.Support Me:

Hi I'm Lukas Schneider, a 13 years old developer from Germany who wants to get noticed :P However it would be awesome if you'd support me
TWITTER: @luk4sprod
SKYPE: luk4sprod

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